Is It Still Worth Buying A PS4? See Before PS5 Arrives!


The console is old, but it can still be a multimedia entertainment center for many players; Know the advantages and disadvantages!

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is still Sony’s current console, despite having more than five years in the market. The device was launched in 2013 and, until today, it receives great games from the producer and also from partner studios, among exclusives and smaller titles.

However, as the launch of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) is scheduled for the 12th of February, 2019, fans are beginning to question whether it is still worth buying a video game that can already be considered “old” and that may be outdated in a few months.

Therefore, our website has gathered some pros and cons to help with this decision.


1) Huge Library Of Games

In 2020, the PS4 has more than two thousand games already released, an extremely high number. It’s almost impossible for anyone to have played them all, so the device still has a lot of games on offer for those who want to enjoy it.

It is worth remembering that, with the launch of the PS5, some titles should still reach the current console, so this number tends to increase. In addition, users can take advantage of free PS Plus promotions and games.

2) Secure Hardware Betting

Currently, the PS4 is considered to be safe hardware, that is, without known factory problems or without major flaws. So it is a good option to bet on what is most reliable.

There is no guarantee that the PS5 will have bugs when it comes out, but it is common for errors to occur with new consoles – given the history of almost everyone in the past.

3) Take Advantage Of Accessories

The PS4 also has a number of accessories that can add to the fun of your games. There are Rock Band instruments, PS VR, PS Move controls, among others.

With the exception of PS VR, there are no guarantees that these accessories will work on the PS5, so it’s a good idea to enjoy them while you can if you have any.


1) The Price Is Not Going To Drop Instantly

Don’t expect the PlayStation 4 to become cheaper on the national and international market after the launch of the PS5 – at least not immediately.

This should happen, but it will still take time.

So, if you want to buy the PS4, expect to pay for the current price, which starts at the US $300 in the United States – the value in Pakistani stores varies a lot, but it is common to find it from 39,000 to 40,000 rupees!

2) Being Late Is Always Bad

As much as there is convincing advice that the PS4 still has a lot of games to play, being left behind is always bad. Especially because of the exclusives to be launched on the new Sony console.

If you still have the current device, you will be unable to play when the PS5 arrives and you need to be aware of that.

3) Outdated In Relation To The Competition

Although it is an excellent device and with many titles, the PS4 is also a little outdated in relation to the main competitor, the Xbox One – at least in terms of services.

The Microsoft strong focus on services like Xbox Game Pass, which provides games so similar to Netflix for a price much into account.

There is nothing so similar on the Sony console, except for PS, now, which has a higher cost and does not have so much variety.

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